Edible Rose Petals
Edible Rose Petals

Edible Rose Petals

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The rose has been appreciated for its beauty and aroma for centuries. Rose petals destined for distillation or drying, are picked every day and by hand on the first morning when the flower opens, at or just before sunrise when the content of the volatile rose oils is highest.

Qualities: Dried rose petals are a great source of vitamin C and are a colourful, delicate addition to tea blends, smoking blends and potpourri mixes.
Common use: Dried rose petals can be infused to make rose water or oil, added to tea blends, herbal smoke blends, Ice coffee's, and used as a garnish. It can be found in many healing ointments or poultices, candied to decorate cakes, or used in a variety of cosmetics including facial cleansers and lotions.
Storage: Store in a cool, dark, dry place in an airtight container.

Size: 56g (1/8b)